2016 Holiday

Holiday Story: Homage to the Star David Bowie


At left the album cover for David Bowie’s Ziggy Aladdin Sane album; at right, a screenshot of an homage to David Bowie from the 2016 catwalk.

The year of 2016, Bowie passed on, sending an amazing star onto the next world. I had seen this incredible retrospective of his work, costumes, and videos at the Victoria & Albert in London, and loved the idea of doing an homage.

The Photoshoot

This photoshoot was far, far simpler than the previous year’s! I used the same white background as 2015, and the makeup was certainly a lot simpler.

The original shots I later used in the card

My hair stylist worked up the Bowie-esque hair for me; though, she didn’t know what exactly I was using it for.

The Styling/Filtering

Kitties and I rendered in purple
Rendered in pink

Card Covers: 2

Card version 1
Version 2

The Story Inside

I picked out the star/foil outlines from a stock imagery services.
I seriously loved the typography, which was an option on the vendor site.

The Back

The credits: So many thanks to Kellie at the Dam Salon!

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