Jen Brass Jenkins

About Jen Brass Jenkins, MPC, PMP

Welcome! I’ve had the great opportunity to work for some fantastic companies in various capacities and have learned an immense amount in the process.


I started out in the theatre (where I learned the basics of what turned out to be project management). Eventually, due to the recession, I went back to school and got my grad degree in communications.

Before grad school I would sew costumes by day and blog by night. Digital writing and web writing really seemed to be my jam, so in grad school I took the opportunity to really develop those skills and chose media and writing as my area of emphasis.

The best advice I have ever seen about developing a skill set is to do it every day, no matter the product. That’s how I feel about writing. At this point, I have written so many words online, I could publish a novel or two.

This lead to an agency job, experience writing for, and other opportunities on a freelance basis. Eventually I was hired on at University of Utah Health where I have been for the past while. I started writing web content there and quickly progressed to content management, project management, and personnel management. I enjoy all of these things immensely.

In 2017 I certified for my PMP (project management professional certification) as well as a Scrum Master certification. This was a great accomplishment and I immensely appreciate the support my bosses gave me towards achieving this goal. I use project management regularly in my job managing projects here and there in addition to content management and governance.


I continue to seek out new experiences presenting at conferences, serving on community boards, the advisory council (as part of an audience research group), and teaching seminars to train fellow content aficionados.

To the well-ordered mind, after all, every experience brings up new opportunities to create and communicate—the very stuff of life.

My Top 5

  1. Hobby: Crochet! (Before it was the “it” thing for 2023.)
  2. Newest preoccupation: Mentoring in a time of twisty chutes and ladders.
  3. Author/Current Reads: Becoming by Michelle Obama. Three words: authentic, approachable, life-changing (three words, one modifier…).
  4. Obsession: Yarn. Oh and how to recover from finishing a multi-million dollar project when everything, everywhere, all at once seems to be unaffected.
  5. Fuzzy feline babies: Ampersand and Apostrophe (Phe). I work so my cats can have a better life.

Ampersand & Apostrophe

Contact Me

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