Confab Higher Ed 2017

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Never say no: strategies for handling stakeholders

If it isn’t bad enough that we have to write/film/edit/direct/bleed for our content, we also have to sell it to the toughest of critics: our stakeholders. Learn how to convert your critics to the magic of content without saying no.

Healthcare Internet Conference 2015

Pin to Win: Using Pinterest in the Health Care Industry

Tweet from Pin to Win HCIC 2015 PresentationAt the time my colleague and I set up a Pinterest page for University of Utah Health Women’s Services on Pinterest, Pinterest was still an unknown social platform in the world of health care (2012).

In 2015 at the Healthcare Internet Conference, we showcased our use of Pinterest for women’s health services marketing campaigns. Currently, the U of U Women’s Health Services Pinterest board continues to provide a residual return from the campaigns we ran.

Pin to Win, Presentation at The Healthcare Internet Conference 2015