Upcoming: Health Care Internet Conference: Autopsy of a Web Content Strategy: Piecing Together One Year in the Life, Nov, 2021

Priorities, business plans, data — you ask for all of them but don’t always get them. Nevertheless, you determine to develop a content strategy. You fill it out with as much as you know, determine priorities, strategize, and list the tactics. Where did you end up? Check out a year in the life of a content strategy at the University of Utah Health and witness the autopsy: high performing, low performing and the summary of a life.

Upcoming: Plain Language Seminar, Sep, 2021

With two other co-presenters from the Patient Education Committee at U of U Health, we will cover the basic principles of plain language. I will show a case study as well as examples from everyday life of where plain language is more effective than the language used. My colleagues will present on health literacy, the value of health literacy, and present a case study.

SEO Summit, Feb, 2021

Seminar about SEO to 50+ institutional attendees. Topic: The latest updates in SEO throughout 2020. Covered the 2020 algorithm updates, site indexing, and a case study of applied concepts to pages on Huntsman Cancer Institute’s website.

SEO Superheroes, Jan 2020

Seminar teaching SEO to 40+ institutional attendees. We covered Google algorithm updates,  on-page ranking factors, and keyword research then breaking off into workshops.

Confab Higher Ed 2017

Featured image courtesy of Confab Events, Brain Traffic

Never say no: strategies for handling stakeholders

“If it isn’t bad enough that we have to write/film/edit/direct/bleed for our content, we also have to sell it to the toughest of critics: our stakeholders. Learn how to convert your critics to the magic of content without saying no.”

This was an amazing opportunity to speak at one of the most valuable conferences about content in the nation. Check out the organizing company, Brain Traffic, and attend!

Healthcare Internet Conference 2015

Pin to Win: Using Pinterest in the Health Care Industry

Tweet from Pin to Win HCIC 2015 PresentationAt the time my colleague and I set up a Pinterest page for University of Utah Health Women’s Services on Pinterest, Pinterest was still an unknown social platform in the world of health care (2012).

In 2015 at the Healthcare Internet Conference, we showcased our use of Pinterest for women’s health services marketing campaigns. Currently, the U of U Women’s Health Services Pinterest board continues to provide a residual return from the campaigns we ran.

Pin to Win, Presentation at The Healthcare Internet Conference 2015