Infographics & Visual Work

Bra Trivia: Strange but True Facts About the Bra

This piece was designed for University of Utah Health Care’s marketing campaign #breastassured. I researched and crafted the content for this piece working with a graphic designer. The intent was to provide a story to connect with our intended audience promoting awareness for breast health without relying on health statistics and a boring reminder for women that it’s time to get their mammograms. – Created 2015

2015 Ragan’s PR Daily Honorable Mention in the Illustration or Animated Award Category

Design Choices for Your Portfolio | Infographic

The purpose of this piece was to manipulate content into a different, concise form and make it appealing to individuals with other learning methods. The audience I targeted for this piece is online users and visual learners. I both crafted the content and designed the infographic. – Created in 2011.