Brand/Writing Style Guides

Brand Faux Pas Campaign, 2017

With the launch of the new brand for University of Utah Health, internal communications devised a strategy to communicate elements of the new brand. Part of this became the Brand Faux Pas campaign in which we sent out 10 emails highlighting 10 things not to do with the new brand in a tone meant to entertain and engage. I had the great fortune to write the text for these and had a great time doing it.

University of Utah Health Brand Writing Guide, 2017

With the launch of University of Utah Health as the new brand at U of U Health Care, I assisted in the creation of the brand writing style guide, which encompasses everything from stylistic and punctuation choices to guidelines for different media.

University of Utah Health Care Writing Style Guide, 2013

Based off of the brand guide, this guide typified writing for the web and specified points of grammar and punctuation used on U of U Health Care’s websites.