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What It’s Like to Be a Healthcare Marketer During the Coronavirus Pandemic (2020)Health care blog published on Aha Media

  • Published as a guest post for Aha Media; this is my personal experience of what we are calling #CoronaQuake2020. Ready to find out what that day was like in Salt Lake City, UT?

Automating Content Reuse: One Marketing Team’s Story (2015)

Automating Content Reuse: One Marketing Team's Story; Guest Blog Post for Content Marketing Institute

  • Published on Content Marketing Institute’s blog; this is a case study of work we’ve done at University of Utah Health Care to structure customized integration (or a dynamic feed) of blog and podcast episodes on to corresponding pages through our clinical websites.

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A Passing Trend or the Future? Resume Infographics (2012)

  • Published on, October 12, 2011, this post on resume infographics explores the recent trend in data visualization to include resumes.

Famous Bloggers: Steve Jobs, The 5 Chapters You Need To Read (2012)

  • Published on; I pitched this post to the editor of Famous Bloggers when the book was still hot (October 2011); however, I wasn’t able to actually read the book in its entirety for some time (it is quiiiiiiite long). Still, I believe that publishing this review is important because some people have probably picked up this book and then put it down again (like me) when the end chapters are really the most significant. This is my favorite post I have published to date.

Protecting Your Business’s Online Reputation (2011)

  • Published on, this post explores the challenges of conducting business in a world of two-way communication. Business public relations are becoming focused around customers and community now rather than on the traditional model of one way communication from public relations representative to journalists.

8 Social Media Platforms (Other Than the Big 3) To Drive Traffic to Your Site (2011)

  • Published for, this piece explores social media platforms that could aid content strategists in building their online communities. The piece is structured around characterizations of and the different benefits of each platform. 1K+ shares