2017 Holiday

Holiday Story: Sisters Edit the Naughty or Nice List with Lasso of Truth

Category Is: Wonder Woman

There was before 2017 and then there WAS 2017. And what happened in 2017? Two words: WONDER WOMAN.

Now, lest you were sleep-walking and did not experience this film, it not only featured a female super hero but was also directed by a female director! And it was epic! I highly recommend it.

Check out this classic WW comic book! It was on display at the Cleveland Library, where I saw it in 2017.


I’d always loved the comic book style makeup you can see online. Using makeup to outline your features to appear more two-dimensional, like an illustration or literally mimic ye old dpi (dots per inch or actual print dots on a newsprint page which together form a whole image), is intriguing.

Makeup examples and a classic set of Wonder Woman accessories: tiara, lasso of truth, and greaves.
On the left, ordered these plastic WW tiaras off of Etsy. Notice how the 2017 WW has her tiara upside down vs. the retro WW; at the right, going red, my signature color.

The Photo Shoot

This year was in some ways a celebration of all three of us. Jaelynn had moved in with me, so it seemed like a good year to expand the Xmas card tradition to more than one sister.

The sisters three in makeup
We even got a couple good photos of the kitties. On the left is Ampersand with the lasso of truth. On the right, Apostrophe (Phe), who I managed to tie a bow around. She had a Xmas sweater like Amp, but shimmied out of it somehow. I found it months later under the bed.

Cover Girls

Naturally, we had to make two different variations. And I applied a cool filter to our imagery. Once again, I will not reveal my secrets. You’ll have to experiment with some apps and find your own…

Version 1: You notice sister number 3 (Julie) appeared in these cards. She was in town for our photo shoot.
Version 2

The Inside Story

Once again, some serious photoshop action
The more stylized version of the comic card inside

The Stories’ End

Now, when I sent in these cards for printing, the second version, the more stylized one, got published. However, the publisher refused to print the first version. They, of course, didn’t explain why, just said they wouldn’t publish it. I assumed it was a copyright violation.

I guess it was a compliment?

Let’s just say I found a different publisher. One who knew what an actual copyright violation was vs. what we were producing! Good times!!

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