Welcome! It’s my pleasure to showcase some of my work for your perusal. I’ve had the great opportunity to work for some fantastic companies in various capacities and have learned an immense amount in the process. Of course, to the well-ordered mind, every experience brings up new opportunities to create and communicate—the very stuff of life.

My Top 5

  1. Hobby: Books!
  2. Newest preoccupation: Project management, newly certified PMP!
  3. Author: Wendy T. Behary, Disarming the Narcissist, Surviving & Thriving with the Self-Absorbed
  4. Obsession: Historical costume and sewing
  5. Fuzzy feline babies: Ampersand and Apostrophe (Phe), though occasionally I have to remind them who pays the rent…

Ampersand & Apostrophe

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